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Zakari - Humour, Minimalism and Life in the United Arab Emirates

Welcome to "Stories from the Culture" (#SFTC), a blog series where we profile everyday people from around the globe to tell us how their culture enriches their human experience. These stories follow an interview format and except for spelling and some grammatical adjustments, none of their responses are edited in any way.

Today's Feature: Zakari Sulaiman

Ethnicity: Nigerian  🇳🇬 
Location: UAE  🇦🇪 
Key Quote: "funny thing to say, but it’s true...sometimes you wonder why do they even let us in."
Social: IG

What's your cultural background and which country are you currently based?

Mom from Edo state and Dad from Kogi state, born and raised in Lagos State and am currently living in the UAE.


What has your experience been like being a Nigerian in the UAE?

It’s hella tough for real, well most of the stuff the we Nigerians pass through is cause by most of us funny thing to say, but it’s true we do some crazy stuff sometimes you wonder why do they even let us in.


If you had a maximum of 5 sentences to describe yourself, how would you do it?

1. Simple dude who just wanna have fun 

2. Hustler day and night 

3. Free-minded and full of vibe


Looking at your IG page, it seems like minimalist fashion and design are your primary modes of expression? What is it about minimalist fashion and design that appeals to you as a mode of expressing yourself in the world?

It's a simple way for one to express their thoughts easily and it's a great way one can also be perceived.


Your IG profile simply says "HuMaN 🇳🇬". Can you elaborate on that? What do you mean when you say that?

A young human boy with flaws hailing from Nigeria and soon to be known by the world.


How much (if at all), does your cultural background impact how you express yourself in the world?

I wouldn't say only my culture has an impact on it, cuz as a human with flaws we shouldn't be limited to one idea.


What’s one song you can listen to no matter what mood you’re in or what’s going on in life?

J.cole (all albums) 😂

Wizkid - Ojuelegba 


How would you describe your personal fashion style?

What fit, I wear it as easy as that.


What's your favourite clothing item that you own?

My hat pieces.


What does it mean to you, to be culture rich?

I think it's when culture can present ample form of their idea either food, music, art etc.


Thanks to Zakari for providing these short and often humorous responses.

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