Vision & Mission


To promote the sharing of culture across all people groups!


Our initial efforts will focus on the hybridized identities of those in the African diaspora. The new, global, African rooted in tradition, yet simultaneously steeped in the west - the African backbone with the western influence.

To that end, we will;

Amplify the voices of Africans in the diaspora by telling our stories with truth and integrity.

Celebrate and promote the cultural heritage of diasporic communities in the western context not as distinct from the broader culture but as an integral and inseparable part of it.

Promote the cultural integration of diaspora and western cultures as opposed to implicitly advocating for cultural enclaves.

Create cultural moments that harmoniously bridge diasporic and western identities.

Assist in the development of economic sustainability and independence in communities of colour.


Long term, expand beyond Afro-diasporic cultures and celebrate the beauty inherent in diverse cultures by empowering individuals to cherish the beauty found in their respective culture, and in the cultures of other.

Make everyone we come in contact with just a little more culture rich.