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A beautiful art piece! I absolutely love this scarf!

Liked it so much I kept it for myself!

I ordered this beautiful scarf to give to my colleague. However, when I opened the package, saw the beautiful colours and felt the silky smooth silk, I knew I was keeping it! Love this multifunctional scarf!

My New Fav Silk Scarf

This is m new favourite silk scarf! The colours are brilliant and the design stunning. The perfect gift for you or someone special!

Amazing high quality scarf

The colors are bright and the material feels great! Shout-out to Shopé for this!

"MONARCH" Crewneck
Emmanuel Torres
Elegantly designed

Color to material to design all eye catching and so comfortable. If you couldn’t tell I love this crewneck straight fire 🔥

Love it!

Awesome fit, great quality material.

Pristine Quality

Culture Rich World is superior to all the brands out there. If you don’t take advantage of their deals you’ll regret it later. And even without the discounts, the quality is worth every penny!

"MONARCH" Crewneck
Michael Wilmot

No exaggeration when I say this.. this is one of the best sweaters I’ve ever copped.. the aesthetic of the item and design alone are incredible! The color way and print is extremely seem less and clean, it looks even better up close. The quality and material is unbeatable. You can tell a lot of care and thought has gone into every aspect of this piece, and in terms of fitting it fits perfect and is true to size. I’m telling you this will be on the best purchases you can get when it comes to clothing. I’m definitely getting more!! Don’t sleep.

"MONARCH" Crewneck
Benjamin Calan
CRW with best quality.

Aside from the design itself, which is unique and eye grabbing, the quality is unmatched. The threading so is precise and the texture of this crewneck makes you want to wear it even in the warmest of climates.

Drip on the Pavement!

Thankful for the originality. I trusted them with my money and got the product right away. The fit is perfect and the design speaks for itself. Wore it out on my birthday with some acid washed shorts. Drip on the pavement! thanks guys

"MONARCH" Crewneck
Jola-ade Adebayo

Because the sweatshirt is unisex, the cut is big (at least for women and I imagine for men too); keep this in mind when ordering. I’m definitely feeling the oversized look because the sweatshirt is cute (even though the oversized look is not my usual style). The quality is really great too. Whenever I want to “switch up” my look (which rarely happens), this will be my go-to.


I received this as a Christmas gift, and it is easily one of my favourite pieces of clothing. I love this sweater! From the burnt orange colour to the textured weave, the details are quality and eye-catching. I can tell great thought went into the design and manufacturing of the sweater. I can't wait to rock it. Thanks, Shopé, for always doing things at a high level. Please get yours before they are all out.


This is fresh! JEEEZZZ!!! The quality is definitely top notch, you can immediately feel it once you touch it and even stretch it. What?! And the design is fly, WOW!

Love It!

Love the colour, quality and design. It's soft but thick. Also love the vibrant colour and the design is so unique. The personalized note was also a nice touch. They posted my unboxing here;

"MONARCH" Crewneck
Danielle M.

This isn’t something cute and flimsy but something that is compatible to actually keep you warm while still looking stylish !! you NEED to buy one.

"MONARCH" Crewneck
Janice Ellis

This sweater, the material everything is perfect! It’s cozy and you can feel that it’s great quality. On top of all of that the design is definitely eye catching! A must have for sure! ✨🙌🏾